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I’ve decided to take all my sessions 100% online due to the COVID-19 from march 2020.

After 15 years of already been seeing clients on an International scale, it was time to adjust to my client’s needs for fast response, safety, and the changes in society.

Online Sessions are just as powerful as in-person if done correctly.

I’m putting all my experience into creating a safe experience, with just as powerful results, and you feel safe and secure at your location.

That is a guarantee.

You are way more Than you think you are!

Branches all over World

“ It is my passion, to give you access to your most powerfull resources, to be able to live a positive life. I mix all my tools and techniqes, to ensure you will benefit 100% from your session. And in most cases, 1 session will make the change your looking for..”

I’ve seen more than 10.000 clients all over the world the past 25 years.

Martin Castor

Online Sessions

Get the best from hypnotherapy, NLP, HNLP, and coaching in an all-in-one session. To make sure you will get everything you need, and experience the wanted change.


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4 International Awards for my work with hypnosis and multiple radio & TV apperances Internationally.

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Neural Networks .01

Where attention goes, energy flows! Let’s keep it positive.

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What Fires Together, Wires Together

Hormone Adjustments .03

Hormones control large parts of your body. Create a balance through your brain.

Neural Networks

Neural Pathways

Hormone Adjustments

Your Three Brains

Trauma & Stress Release

Conscious vs Sub-Conscious

Positive Psychology

Behavioral And Performance Optimization

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